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Welcome to Morningside! Morningside advances the employment and self-sufficiency of people with disabilities. We are a private, not-for-profit 501-(c)(3) Community Rehabilitation Program who specialize in supported and competitive employment. Morningside?s corporate offices are located in Olympia, Washington, and the corporation serves five western Washington counties. Morningside employs people with disabilities, and provides training for employment with our commercial business partneres. Morningside is continually growing, evolving, and expanding geographically, developing and operating new businesses as opportunity, market demands, and resources challenge us to diversify.


Jonathan Pleger

Candace Allyn
Employment Consultant

Jamie Britton

Andy Clark

Diane Crawford
Program Manager

Don Hayden
VP/Technology Services/CIO

April Homon

Mike Horn

Steve Hughes

Gloria Kilwien
Job Developer

Krista Milhofer
Project Search

Jane Mohr
Employment Consultant

Whitney Williams
Development Associate

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